A good financial plan

changes everything.

If your car is broken, you hire an expert. If you want to improve your golf game, you hire a coach. When you want to get into better shape, you hire a trainer.


Yet, when people are unsure about their finances, they look for neither an expert, coach, or trainer. And, that has to change. Starting on May 1, 2021, Annika Caldwell, financial coach and author of 'Twenty Three and Debt Free,' will be giving 15 individuals/couples the heightened attention their finances desperately need. Money touches every aspect of your life, so make sure you are doing it right.


During this 4-month Financial Reset Program, Annika will personally walk with you as you take control of your finances and help you get on track to achieving your financial goals. Annika will work with you and your finances every month, providing encouragement, accountability, and experience as a financial coach. Annika is a financial expert, coach, and trainer; exactly what you need.

2 - 30 Minute One-On-One Coaching Sessions each month (valued at $99).
A monthly webinar (for members only).
A weekly check-in email with financial content.
Access to a private Facebook group (for members only).
A monthly webinar with a featured guest expert (for members only).
A monthly Q&A with one of our financial coaches.
A spending audit to show you where your money is going.

A copy of our book, Twenty Three and Debt Free (valued at $23).

What our members are saying...

"Ok. So I just have to tell you this. I was sitting there at lunch today reading your website about your debt free journey and just couldn't help it, I started bawling. I realized for the first time today that I don't have to just learn how to survive being a single mom but that I can actually be BETTER. I didn't realize I could be debt free AND buy us a house. I always thought it would be one or the other. But now I really do believe I can strive to be debt free and rais my girls on my own without having to work 3 jobs or sacrifice time with them."
"Oh goodness. I’m so excited, and you and Logan have been such a big help already. I’m so grateful for you two."
"So I just finished wrapping up the January budget and we put $743.88 in the emergency savings account!"
From our most recent Financial Reset Program... in the first 2 months, our 7 members had a positive net worth change of $26,828.13. 

More about the program...


You will get a bank account shakedown! Annika will conduct a spending audit for each individual/couple, showing you where your money is going each month. There are likely hundreds (or even thousands) of dollars leaving your bank account every month that you are not intentionally spending. The goal is not to stop spending everything, but rather to make sure that any spending you do is intentional.


This is not just a program on budgeting. During month two, you will also get a thorough assessment of your financial defenses. We will revisit your insurance coverages and make sure you are not over, or under, insured. Your investment plan will begin to take shape. One of the goals of this program is to help you look forward in your life, instead of constantly looking backward.

This process is frustrating, and you need people in your corner to support and encourage you. That's why Financial Reset Program members get access to the program’s private Facebook page where they can interact with the other members going through the same process. Share your successes, failures, questions, and tips with fellow members. Fostering a community of support is crucial to success. You are not alone!


Although ignorance is bliss, it certainly is not peace. Month three is focused on tightening the reigns in your budget and attacking debt. At this point, you have probably noticed the categories in your budget that you hate. (Student loans, anyone?) With a solid budget in place and your financial defenses ready to go, it is time to attack the very things that are causing stress in your life. This month, we will make your debt snowball, check your credit score, and begin tackling your debt!


What does your life look like in month four? If you have been dedicated to this program, you are proficient in budgeting, have confidence in your insurance coverages, have a plan for investing, and are well on your way to becoming debt free. You have taken control of your income and know your expenses inside and out. As Chris Hogan says, "you wake up focused, but not finished." With a new sense of financial confidence, you graduate the Financial Reset Program feeling like a bird freed from its cage.