Making Mother's Day Memorable

I recently polled a bunch of moms on Facebook. I had decided a while ago that I wanted to write an article about giving to moms on Mother's Day. So, I figured it would be important to get input from some moms first. You see, I'm a mom and I know what I appreciate receiving for Mother's Day, but that doesn't mean other moms have the same desires. This poll provided great insight and I want to take a minute to both share what I learned and encourage you to be really intentional with the gifts you give to your mom (or your wife) for Mother's Day.

I polled about 90 moms on Facebook. These mothers ranged in age from early twenties to late sixties. I asked a simple question. What would you rather receive for Mother's Day? Option one: a gift. Option two: a clean kitchen and a nap. I did specify in my poll to moms that "a gift would be something that YOU want. Your favorite flowers, your favorite chocolate/candy, a book you really want to read, etc."

What did I find? I found that 30% of moms prefer a gift. And 70% of moms prefer a clean kitchen and a nap.

But, thanks to the comments on my post, I learned even more.

It became very apparent that moms who preferred a gift wanted a gift that was very thoughtful - a gift that matched her. Many of the moms indicated that they would prefer something homemade - a little memento from their kids, a delicious snack, or something that their kids and their husband worked together to make. One mom commented that she had suggested to her husband that he make stepping stones with their boys' footprints for her flower garden.

Another common theme that stood out in the comments was that many moms appreciate when their spouse or their children take over the cooking for the day. I'll admit of my favorite things is when my husband completely takes over the kitchen on Mother's Day and tackles both the cooking and the dishes!

I polled moms because, like I mentioned before, I know what I want (and I definitely want a clean kitchen and a nap), but I was curious what other moms favored. Although the results showed that the majority of moms prefer a clean kitchen and a nap, it became very apparent that it's important to remember to give according to you mom's (or your wife's) love language. If you have no idea what a love language is, I want you to stop right now and check out The 5 Love Languages website. Knowing your mom's (or your wife's) love language, and being able to give according to that language, will help you make this Mother's Day so much more memorable.

Why do I want a clean kitchen and a nap? Well my top love language is acts of service. It speaks volumes to me when someone does something for me, which is exactly why my husband does the dishes on a lot more days than just Mother's Day. But that preference is not the same for other moms. As one mom commented "My favorite gift is a handwritten message from the heart of my hubby and girls. The more words the better." I would guess that words are an important love language for this mom.

Moms have different love languages, and therefore different thoughts on what makes the best Mother's Day gift. Let me be honest with you...if you don't know your mom's (or your wife's) love language, have her take the test. It's free to take on The 5 Love Languages website and it won't take long. Once you learn your mom's (or your wife's) love language, it will be so much easier to give her exactly what she wants for Mother's Day.

If her top love language is acts of service, do something for her. Take over a job that she typically has to do and give her the day to relax.

If her top love language is words, then write her a note - a thoughtful note written from the heart, not just a Hallmark card with your signature.

If her top love language is quality time, plan a fun day together. Spend time as a family doing what she wants to do - playing games, spending time outside, etc.!

Giving according to your mom's (or your wife's) love language makes Mother's Day more meaningful and allows you to really focus on her needs. Here are some other Mother's Day gift ideas that won't cost a fortune, but will make mom feel oh-so-special.

~ Make her breakfast in bed.

~ Take over the cooking for the day. (Don't forget to cook her favorite meal too!)

~ Clean the kitchen, pick up around the house, or take over another chore that she typically does.

~ Rather than buying her favorite treat, make it at home!

~ Have the kids make her something homemade. This could be a food item or a craft item.

~ Skip a gift altogether and just spend time doing. Do the things that she loves to do!

~ Help your kids put together a little special performance for Mom. Have them sing a song or write a poem.

Mother's Day doesn't have to be extravagant and it doesn't have to be expensive. From my research, I learned that most moms don't want a bouquet of flowers and chocolates from the store. Therefore, I encourage you to be really intentional with your Mother's Day giving this year. Give a gift that matches the desires of your mom (or your wife), and remember that the perfect gift might mean doing or making instead of spending.

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