Keep It Simple

Today I was at a loss when I opened the fridge to prepare lunch. We often have leftovers for lunch, but I didn't think the girls would want Taco Soup again, considering we've had it for dinner the last two nights.

Then I thought...why not sandwiches? It's been a while since the girls have had sandwiches for lunch.

So, I prepared a plate for each girl complete with a PB&J sandwich, string cheese, and apple slices.

It was SIMPLE. It really wasn't anything special.

I called the girls to the table and upon seeing their plates, both of them expressed excitement! Their responses caught me off guard. I was honestly taken aback because I felt like this meal wasn't that great.

But, that's the thing...NOT every meal has to be elaborate. Not every meal has to involve a bunch of time spent prepping and cooking. It's ok for meals to be SIMPLE. In reality, this simple meal was just what my girls needed. They were fed (4 of the food groups, by the way) and it was cheap.

Keep this in mind when you're cooking. Remind yourself that it's ok for meals to be quick and simple. Not every meal needs to look like a picture-perfect dinner from a magazine!

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