Holiday Budget Busters

Updated: Apr 17, 2019

Although there is always the possibility that things will come up and potentially bust our budget, it seems that budget-busting is at its worst during the holiday season! If you want to successfully stick to your budget, be sure to avoid the following common holiday budget busters.

~ Not making a list. Whether it's failing to make a gift list or a grocery list, this can seriously bust your budget! Walking into a store without a plan (especially when holiday marketing is at an all-time high) will almost always result in spending more.

~ Waiting too long to buy. Most of you know that I am all about patiently waiting for a sale! However, there comes a point where waiting too long will actually work against you. Waiting until the last minute to shop for gifts can result in not finding the gift you want (and, therefore, having to make a last minute impulse buy on a different gift) or having to spend more in order to get that gift.

~ Getting carried away playing Santa Claus. Not every person in your life needs a gift! If you want to do something special for someone, take time to write a thoughtful note or deliver a plate of cookies instead of spending yet another $20.

~ Lacking contentment. This is HUGE!!!! In general, we as a society lack contentment. We think, "If I only had that..." or "They have a new car, we should have one too." We are bombarded by perfect photos of our friends' lives and emotional marketing tactics from companies every single day on social media. It's easy to make hasty purchases based on emotional desires...purchases that usually aren't necessary and don't fit our budget. I encourage you, this holiday season, to find peace and contentment in your life just as it is.

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