Getting the Most Out of Ibotta

Updated: Oct 11, 2020

My top tips for using Ibotta...

(1) When you find a good price on a product you use, be sure to stock up! About a week ago, I was able to purchase Creamette noodles for $0.14 per box thanks to a $1.00 rebate offer on Ibotta. You can be sure that I purchased the rebate limit on both my account and my husband's account!

(2) If you follow our page, you have probably seen posts where I have shared purchasing a number of items for next to nothing. Some of these savings have come from stacking coupon and rebate offers. However, I also take advantage of making purchases during Ibotta's bonus periods. If you can buy a few items you need and earn a bonus, this saves you even more on your items!

(3) Be sure to redeem any free offers on your account. Ibotta is constantly changing rebates and there is usually at least one item being offered for free!

(4) When you find a rebate you wish to redeem, look for any coupons or other rebates on the same product. Stacking offers saves you even more money! Apps that I frequently use include Ibotta, (both the app and website), Fetch, Shopkick, and Swagbucks.

(5) If you are married, create separate accounts for you and your spouse. Then you can redeem rebates twice! (You can't submit the same receipt twice, but you can buy products on two separate transactions and submit one receipt on each account.)

(6) Don't forget that Ibotta has awesome online deals as well. Before shopping online, be sure to check if Ibotta is offering cash back or rebates for that specific retailer. And, remember, if you want to earn cash back while shopping online, you have to launch that retailer's site from the Ibotta app (or shop on your laptop or desktop using the Ibotta Chrome extension).

If you don't yet use Ibotta, download it now and you will receive a bonus:

Have fun earning cash back on your in-store and online purchases!

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