From Their First Budget to Finding $31,000

Updated: Apr 19

We spend so much time talking about budgets. We constantly reiterate that budgeting is the most important step you can take for your finances and that it has the power to repair relationships and change your family's legacy!

But, let's be honest, does budgeting really work?

YES, budgeting works!!!!

And I'm here to share a story with you about a couple who decided to make a budget for the very first time one year ago...

This couple described themselves as making "decent money." However, it just seemed that they could never break the cycle of living paycheck to paycheck. Add some debt into the equation and it only further exacerbated that cycle.

One year ago, they decided that enough was enough!

One year ago, they sat down TOGETHER and made their first budget.

What they found was incredible...

Not only did they have enough to cover their expenses for the month, BUT (wait for it...) their monthly income was TWICE as much as their expenses!!!

So, where was the other half of their income going? Because they didn't have a monthly plan (you know, a budget), the other HALF of their income was being spent...without thought. Half of their income was just "disappearing" every single month.

Instead of looking back with regret, this couple only looked forward and starting tackling their debt. Every month they sat down and made a budget; they found ways to make some extra income; and they worked at paying off their debt.

Fast forward one year, and they have paid off $31,000!!!!!! All because they took the initiative to make that very first budget.

So, what's stopping you from making a budget? What if making a budget meant you found an extra $31,000? What kind of impact could that make on your finances?

Make a budget today.

Need help creating a budget? Click here and get in touch with us today!

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