Changing the 'Unchangeable'

Social norms that support a lifestyle drowning in debt; the "poor me" mentality that blinds people from seeing the opportunity for something better; and the negative rhetoric of news outlets claiming that "millennials are doomed to fail financially" - it all drives me nuts! Ok, honestly, it more than drives me nuts. It upsets me. It frustrates me. You see, as a financial coach and as someone who has dedicated my life to helping others live life debt-free, I know there's a way out! I can see right through these lies. I can see the steps to financial freedom. I can see the hope.

It upsets me when I see people making excuses for not being able to financially succeed. It upsets me when I witness people believing that there's no hope for them. When people choose to believe these social norms and take on these negative mentalities, they give up their ability to facilitate change. I'll admit, there's a lot about our economy that you as a single consumer can't change. But, there's so much that YOU have the power to transform in your own life if you first believe that you have the ability to succeed.

You can't change the minimum wage. But, you can change your income.

Stop sitting around hoping that our government is going to just pass a bill to increase the minimum wage real quick. (Spoiler alert: Things don't happen 'real quick' in government!) Instead, close your minimum wage rant on Facebook and start actively seeking opportunities to increase your income.

  • Engage in self-development. There are so many community classes and online webinars/classes that are absolutely free! You can educate yourself without spending a single penny! And let's not forget community libraries full of books that are free for you to use. So, start learning and don't ever stop!

  • Negotiate for a raise or start hunting for a new job. YOU are valuable. YOU have a unique skill-set and YOU do not have to settle for a minimum wage job. Negotiate for a pay increase. If your boss turns down your proposed increase (or if you are looking for more of a pay raise than what's available), then start interviewing for a new job. Interview, interview, interview. The more you interview, the better your interview skills will become and the better your opportunity to score a higher-paying job!

  • Start your own business. Entrepreneurs are taking our economy by storm...and you can join the entrepreneurial forces! Find something you love and start making money doing it. Sell homemade crafts, coach people on their health journeys, or teach music lessons. You have been given a unique set of skills. Now use them!

You can't change tuition rates. But, you can get a college education without debt.

You don't have to pay full price for a college education! There are so many scholarships and grant programs available across the disciplines. Get started applying for scholarships and grants and don't stop applying until you've graduated from college! And don't forget that you, as a student, have money-making abilities. Studies have shown that students who have jobs during college have better time management skills and get better grades. So, get a part-time job and use your income to help cash-flow your education. Every penny counts!

You can't get your student loans forgiven. But, you can get rid of them.

Please quit waiting around for a new president to forgive your student loans. Chances are really good that's not going to happen...and in the meantime, you're paying all kinds of extra interest on your debt. Instead, get your Debt Snowball rolling today! It's simple and effective. Here's how it works:

  1. List your debts smallest to largest. Don't worry about interest rates. You're going to pay off your debt so quickly that the interest rates won't matter!

  2. Attack your smallest debt. Make the minimum payment on each of your debts. Then, put anything 'extra' on just the smallest debt. Attack that smallest debt and pay it off as fast as you can!

  3. Get your snowball rolling! Once you've paid off your smallest debt, take the amount you were paying on that debt and apply it to the next smallest debt. Keep this snowball rolling until you're debt-free!

On average, people who diligently follow the plan that we teach pay off all of their consumer debt (everything except their primary mortgage) in just 18 to 24 months! What are you waiting for?!? Schedule your free financial consult and get started on your journey to financial freedom today!

You can't change the cost of living. But, you can change how much you spend to live.

Ever since my husband and I got married, I have been a stay-at-home-mom. You could argue that as a stay-at-home-mom, I don't contribute much to the 'income' of our household. But, I know that as a stay-at-home-parent the economic advantage I bring to our household is invaluable. And I'm not just talking about the fact that we don't spend thousands every month on childcare. Childcare expenses are one small part of it all!

As a stay-at-home-mom, I have made it my mission to cut costs for my family as much as possible. I got so good at this cost-cutting that, by the end of our debt-free journey, our family was living on just fifteen percent of our income! Yes, you heard me right, fifteen percent! And, want to know the best part? I've detailed these practical cost-cutting tips in our book, Twenty Three and Debt Free so that you can implement them in your life too. This book will cost you $10 but will save you thousands every single year. It's a worthwhile investment!

You CAN change your life.

Let me say that again...YOU CAN CHANGE YOUR LIFE! You can learn to budget successfully and stick to it. You can pay off your debt fast and start cash flowing your goals and dreams. You can positively impact your finances, your relationships, and your overall wellness. But, YOU have to decide to change. You have to make your first budget, interview for that new job, and pay off your first debt. Don't give in to the societal norms. Don't listen to your friend that says, "You'll always have a car payment." Decide that you want something better and start your journey to financial freedom today.

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