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I love any opportunity to SAVE MONEY on my purchases! While these savings are often just pennies at a time, over a month or a year, they really add up! Here is a listing of some of my favorite cash back apps:

~ IBOTTA is my absolute FAVORITE cash back app! Since signing up for Ibotta in Oct. 2015, I have earned $580.82!! At first, I didn't use this app often as their offers were limited. But Ibotta has come a long way and now I utilize it almost every time I shop! Natural offers, produce offers, any brand offers, the list goes on. Sign up for Ibotta using this link and you will receive a Welcome Bonus when you redeem your first offer:

**TIP: If you have a spouse have him/her sign up for Ibotta too. Then, you can get twice the savings! (My husband has earned $264.46.)

~ EBATES is my favorite app/Chrome extension for ONLINE SHOPPING! Not only can you receive cash back on your total purchase, but Ebates will also find coupon codes that will help you save on your purchase. Sign up for Ebates here:….

~ HONEY is another great online shopping resource. Like Ebates, you can actually install Honey as an extension on your Chrome browser (I hope those are the right 'techy' words as I'm not super computer savvy). Honey works in the background allowing you to earn cash back on purchases and providing you with coupon codes to save money! Get Honey here:

**TIP: You may have noticed that Ebates and Honey seem to function very similarly. Why use both? Because they offer cash back at different stores. I check both before choosing which app to use to make a purchase! Why do I prefer Ebates? Because I get cash back in my PayPal account every quarter, where Honey only allows you to redeem for gift cards.

~ CHECKOUT51 is an app that I don't use very often. However, it has great rebates and there are times I can save big by stacking offers on both Checkout51 and Ibotta.

~ SAVINGSTAR is also an app that I don't often use, but it too has good rebates. This app actually offers some rebates where, if you buy a certain dollar amount of a specific brand, you get cash back. For instance, I once purchased $15 worth of Tide laundry detergent and earned $4 cash back. Take note that offers on this app often cannot be combined with in-store coupons.

~ FETCH is an app I try to use EVERY TIME I shop. While the points (which can be redeemed for gift cards) don't add up quickly on this app, you can almost always earn at least 25 points on your purchase. So, although it's slow earnings, it's simple to earn so I think it's worth it!

The apps highlighted above offer cash back at multiple stores. Watch for another post coming soon that will highlight some specific store apps that I love using!

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