5 Things I (Almost) Always Buy at the Dollar Store

Updated: Apr 17, 2019

You’ve got to love the store where everything is $1.00, right?!? Well, maybe it's to love or maybe not. While there are some things that are not worth buying at the dollar store, I’ve also learned that there are other things that are always worth buying at the dollar store.

Here are five things I (almost) always buy at the dollar store.

Greeting cards.

I honestly cannot wrap my head around spending $4.99 on a card!! Just a card! And that’s an average card…fancier cards can cost upwards of $6-7 a piece! Say what?!? Not going to happen. If I want to give a card to someone, you can bet I will be purchasing that card from the dollar store. You can buy a single card for $1.00. They even sell 8- or 10-packs of cards for just a dollar. Whether you need a birthday card, an anniversary card, or thank you notes, the dollar store is a huge cost cutter!

Kids activity books.

My toddlers LOVE sticker books. Seriously, they love them! So, at the rate we go through sticker books, it definitely pays to grab them for just $1.00. (The sticker books from the dollar store aren't quite as good of quality, but my kids don't care!) In addition to sticker books, our dollar store has coloring books and educational workbooks as well.

Padded mailers.

You know those padded mailing envelopes that cost you a couple dollars at the post office? Well, at the dollar store, you can grab a 2-pack for just $1.00. So, before you drop your next item in the mail, be sure to check the dollar store for any mailing supplies you might need.

Clothes hangers.

When we moved this last summer, the girls upgraded in closet size and I started hanging more of their clothes. In search of more clothes hangers, I found that I could get a 6-pack of kids clothing hangers at the dollar store for just $1.00, which is cheaper than what I could find at both Walmart and Target. So, I grabbed a bunch hangers and paid very little!

Gift wrapping supplies.

Wrapping paper is another item for which I simply cannot justify spending more than $1.00. Let’s face it, most of it is in a garbage sack before noon on Christmas day. Therefore, I (almost) always buy my wrapping supplies at the dollar store. I say 'almost' because I also watch after-Christmas sales. Those sales are another great way to find super cheap wrapping supplies – often even cheaper (and better quality) than what you find at the dollar store. In addition to wrapping paper, I also purchase gift bags, tissue paper, and other gift wrapping supplies at the dollar store. Finally, we also reuse our tissue paper and bows in order to help save our budget and our planet.

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