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"The seed that grew into the idea of being debt-free had nothing

to do with fear.

For me, it was being upset that I was financially mediocre."




On the morning of March 1, 2017, as we all sat piled on the couch and made our final student loan payment, we could not have been happier. In just 26 months, we had paid off almost $97,000 of consumer debt. Our credit cards, furniture notes, personal loans, outstanding bills from home improvement projects, and student loans were all gone!


That day, as we sat on the couch with our two beautiful little girls and clicked that submit button, we became debt free. At the ages of 23 and 25, we achieved financial freedom. We were no longer the slave to the lender. Our paychecks were ours. We began to experience a life beyond payments. Like a bird released from a cage, we stretched our wings and began to fly! 


God used those 26 months to teach us how to care for our blessings, to bring us closer together as we worked toward a unified goal, to instill in us healthy financial habits, and to help us achieve financial freedom. 

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Do you feel as if you are drowning in debt? Do you need a bit of fine tuning on your long-term financial plan? One-On-One Financial Coaching provides you (and your spouse...
Financial Coaching - 1 Session
1 hr
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Financial Coaching - 3 Sessions
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